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  • BSL Version: Gaelic Language Plan 2021-26: Public Consultation

    This consultation seeks your views on the Police Scotland's draft Gaelic Language Plan 2021-26. Our draft plan was prepared within the framework of the Gaelic Language (Scotland) Act 2005, and seeks to support the National Gaelic Language Plan’s overarching aim that “Gaelic is used more often, by more people and in a wider range of situations”. The Plan sets out for comment our proposed commitments in support of the National Gaelic Language... More
    Closed 5 September 2021
  • How can we provide the best support to people affected by crime?

    This survey is about the aftercare options provided by Police Scotland for people who have been a survivor or witness of crime, although anyone can take part. It includes questions about referral to support services for people affected by crime. It also asks about the Victim Care Card, which provides aftercare information and important contact details. This survey has been produced in collaboration between Police Scotland and Victim Support Scotland. It asks for individual... More
    Closed 31 August 2021
  • BSL Version: Police Scotland's Use of Body Worn Video - Public Consultation

    Thank you for taking the time to contribute to this consultation. Your views are important to us. We will be open and transparent in publishing the findings and how feedback has informed decisions and actions. We are seeking views to help shape the use of Body Worn Video by our police officers, staff and special constables when interacting with the public. The reasons for using Body Worn Video by Police Scotland to record interactions with the public... More
    Closed 31 August 2021
  • Have you been affected by crime? Take part...

    The Scottish Government is carrying out a research project to review and improve communications, like leaflets, letters and web pages, which are provided by organisations, such as ourselves, to people who have been affected by crime. What is it about? As part of this project, research agency 2CV would like to speak to people affected by crime to ask them about communications they have received. This is completely voluntary, it will be done by video or phone call in... More
    Closed 30 July 2021
  • Tell the Scottish Government what you think

    The Scottish Government are inviting anyone in Scotland to take part in Scotland's Open Government idea generation public workshops (5 topics around climate, data & digital, financial transparency, participation, and health), which are for feeding into Scotland’s Open Government National Action Plan. These will be held at the end of July 2021. Take part and have your say about the way we do democracy in government in Scotland! Key... More
    Closed 30 July 2021
  • Corporate Parenting Plan 2021-24

    In April 2014, the Scottish Parliament passed a law called the Children and Young People (Scotland) Act 2014. In this Act, a range of organisations in Scotland became corporate parents to looked after children and care leavers. Police Scotland is a corporate parent. We will generally refer to our looked after children and care leavers as 'care experienced children and young people' as this is the term children and young people have asked us to use. Under the law, corporate parents must... More
    Closed 19 April 2021
  • Your Police 2020-2021

    We recognise the importance of understanding the views and priorities of Scotland's diverse communities. This is especially important during the ongoing Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. This survey is a platform for you to give us your views and opinions during these challenging times, and beyond. The survey will take no longer than 10 minutes to complete. Please note that this platform is not about reporting crime or providing information about an incident. To find out ways to... More
    Closed 5 April 2021
  • Experience of using Police Scotland firearms and explosives licensing service 20/21

    We want to understand the experience of people who use our firearms and explosives licensing service. We invite certificate holders to share their experiences of the licensing process and to provide feedback about what works well and what could be improved. Whilst our aim is to meet our statutory responsibilities in respect of the legislation, we also recognise the importance of understanding your views and experience of the licensing service. Your feedback will help... More
    Closed 31 March 2021
  • Police Scotland's Use of Body Worn Video

    Overview We are seeking views to help shape the use of Body Worn Video by our police officers when interacting with the public. The reasons for using Body Worn Video by police to record interactions with the public include: • improve the quality of interactions with the public; • reduce and resolve complaints; • increase officer safety; • reduce delays to justice; and • lead to greater... More
    Closed 24 February 2021
  • A Fair and Inclusive Police Service for Scotland

    We are seeking views to help shape the development of our new Equality Outcomes. Police Scotland has a legal duty, under the Equality Act 2010, to identify equality outcomes every 4 years to ensure that we can deliver the best service possible for all of our communities and our staff. It is important to us that our Equality Outcomes are representative of the views and priorities of the diverse communities we serve. The survey talks about protected groups - by this we mean... More
    Closed 29 January 2021
  • British Sign Language (BSL) - A Fair and Inclusive Police Service for Scotland

    The video above provides an introduction to this survey. The British Sign Language translation for this survey is by Just Sign Ltd. Due to current pandemic situation, we're unable to provide subtitles to the videos included in this survey. Please contact us if you want to complete the survey in a different way. We are seeking views to help shape the development of our new Equality Outcomes. Police Scotland has a legal duty, under the Equality Act 2010, to identify... More
    Closed 29 January 2021
  • Policing for a safe, protected and resilient Scotland

    In December 2019 the Scottish Government updated its Strategic Police Priorities, prompting a refresh of the Scottish Police Authority's and Police Scotland’s strategic police plan and long term strategy for policing. We are pleased to introduce our refreshed Joint Strategy for Policing, Policing for a safe, protected and resilient Scotland, to set the future direction for policing in Scotland. Significant progress has been made in the three years since our first long-term... More
    Closed 2 March 2020
  • Your police

    Local policing is central to Police Scotland. We would like to know what issues you think we should prioritise, nationally and in your local area, as well as the best methods for communicating with you. Your views are important to us and we are committed to using this information to shape our policing priorities – both locally in your area and nationally. We will do this through analysing your feedback and looking at data from a number of other important sources... More
    Closed 31 December 2019
  • Children and young people - Police Scotland youth engagement

    Police Scotland want to listen to young people and learn about their views of the police - how we're currently working and what we could do better. We want to understand the issues that affect young people and influence the way the police work, now and in the future. As part of this engagement, we will be attending different festivals and events during the summer to talk to children and young people. This online survey complements our face-to-face engagement and encourages conversations... More
    Closed 1 December 2019
  • Survey on Police Scotland Football Engagement Strategy

    How do you want Police Scotland to engage with you about football policing? You can share your views as a football supporter or as a member of the public. Your feedback will contribute directly to a new football engagement strategy to make sure football supporters and communities are involved in how Police Scotland works at football. The insights from this survey will influence the way the police work. Our main objective is for all football policing operations... More
    Closed 29 November 2019
  • Shaping our direction and delivery 2019

    Police Scotland wants to hear from the public and our partners about how we shape the service that we provide. In 2017 we agreed a ten year strategy for how we want to build a sustainable service able to adapt to the needs of a changing Scotland. Since then, we have been planning for and delivering change, whilst continuing to provide the local and specialist services that keep people safe. Each year we are required to publish an Annual Police... More
    Closed 18 March 2019
  • Annual Police Plan Survey

    The 2018/19 Annual Police Plan will set out our priorities for policing and explain how we will deliver them over the forthcoming year. The Annual Police Plan offers a significant opportunity to improve how we serve the public and our communities. The Police & Fire Reform (Scotland) Act 2012 requires Police Scotland to produce an annual plan outlining the arrangements for the policing of Scotland. This plan is laid before the Scottish Parliament prior to the 1 st April each year,... More
    Closed 21 February 2018
  • Estates

    Police Scotland inherited a large estate that was developed many years ago, when the demands facing policing were significantly different from our current demands. In line with our 2026 Strategy, we are looking to ensure our service is sustainable and appropriate for local needs. This has led to 53 premises being identified for potential disposal following a review of our estate. It is important to recognise that the potential disposal of the 53 identified premises will not change how... More
    Closed 13 February 2018
  • 2026

    Policing in Scotland has a long and successful record of adapting to the changing demands and needs of people and communities. We are now setting out for consultation our proposed 10 year strategy, developed collaboratively by the SPA and Police Scotland, to ensure that scottish policing remains fit for the future. Policing has undergone major change in recent years with the transition to a single service. Despite the scale of the change, the most significant in policing in more than a... More
    Closed 8 May 2017
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