Policing for a safe, protected and resilient Scotland

Closed 2 Mar 2020

Opened 20 Jan 2020


In December 2019 the Scottish Government updated its Strategic Police Priorities, prompting a refresh of the Scottish Police Authority's and Police Scotland’s strategic police plan and long term strategy for policing.

We are pleased to introduce our refreshed Joint Strategy for Policing, Policing for a safe, protected and resilient Scotland, to set the future direction for policing in Scotland.

Significant progress has been made in the three years since our first long-term strategy was published and it is time to take stock and consider the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead in an ever-changing, uncertain and increasingly complex environment.

This Joint Strategy for Policing describes our strategic outcomes and objectives. It recognises the unique role of policing in the communities we serve. The Strategy reflects the need to refocus and redirect resources to ensure that officers and staff are fully supported as they respond with commitment and professionalism to the needs of communities.

Fundamental to our future approach will be the support we provide to our people. Their safety and wellbeing are paramount and we are committed to ensuring they receive the support and assistance they need.

Through our ongoing conversations with the public, partners and our people, we have taken account of feedback provided so far, shaping the design and delivery of policing now and in the future, and considering the opportunities and challenges ahead.

Through this consultation we want to hear from you about what you think about the future vision we have developed and described in this Strategy.

At the bottom of this page you can download and read the full draft document.

Easy Read

Please find an Easy Read version of this consultation attached on the bottom of this page.    

How we will use your personal information

All personal information will be anonymised and you won’t be identified through the information you provide. At the end of the survey, we ask for personal details, such as age and gender, to ensure we receive a comprehensive range of viewpoints.

By completing this survey, you agree to Police Scotland using your anonymised data for analysis and reporting.

If you would like any of this information in an alternative format or language - please contact us at StrategicPlanningDevelopment@scotland.pnn.police.uk to discuss your needs.


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What Happens Next

Thank you for your interest and your contribution. Our consultation has now closed.
We are currently reviewing the responses received from members of the public, officers, staff and partner organisations.
The final version of our refreshed Joint Strategy for Policing, Policing for a safe, protected and resilient Scotland and will be presented to the Scottish Police Authority Board for consideration shortly.
If you have any questions, please contact us directly.


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