Experience of using Police Scotland firearms and explosives licensing service 20/21

Closes 31 Mar 2021

Opened 22 Jun 2020


We want to understand the experience of people who use our firearms and explosives licensing service. We invite certificate holders to share their experiences of the licensing process and to provide feedback about what works well and what could be improved.

Whilst our aim is to meet our statutory responsibilities in respect of the legislation, we also recognise the importance of understanding your views and experience of the licensing service.

Your feedback will help shape the future of firearms licensing and we would welcome your participation.

Your personal information

All personal information will be anonymised and you will not be identified through the information you provide unless you choose to identify yourself in your responses.

By completing this survey, you agree to Police Scotland using your anonymised data for analysis and reporting that will contribute to continuously reviewing the firearms and explosives licensing service. Any information you provide will be treated in confidence and stored securely.

Complete this survey in a different way

Please contact us if you wish to complete the survey in a different way: FirearmsLicensingPolicyUnit@scotland.pnn.police.uk

Please note that this platform is not about reporting crime or providing information about an incident. To find out ways to contact Police Scotland, please visit: https://www.scotland.police.uk/contact-us/

Update on the previous User Satisfaction Survey 2019/20

We have published an update on our previous Firearms and Explosives Licensing Service User Satisfaction Survey, which we ran between April 2019 and March 2020. You can access the update in PDF below. 


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