Violence Against Women and Girls: Your Stories

Closed 16 Oct 2022

Opened 11 Jul 2022


At Police Scotland we are committed to listening to the experiences of our communities. We are developing a Violence against Women and Girls Strategy that will be informed by our values, ethics and service standards, and by understanding lived and living experience.

The Scottish Government's 'Equally Safe' strategy sets out a vision for Scotland. Our own strategy will support what we do, and how we do it, alongside our partners in all sectors, to help achieve this vision for Scotland.

Violence against women and girls encompasses (but is not limited to):

  • physical, sexual and psychological violence occurring in the family (including children and young people), within the general community or in institutions, including domestic abuse, rape, and incest;
  • sexual harassment, bullying and intimidation in any public or private space, including work;
  • commercial sexual exploitation, including prostitution, lap dancing, stripping, pornography and trafficking;
  • child sexual abuse, including familial sexual abuse, child sexual exploitation and online abuse;
  • so called 'honour based' violence, including dowry related violence, female genital mutilation, forced and child marriages, and 'honour' crimes.

We are aware of the importance of understanding intersectionality between gender and other characteristics. We are not seeking to exclude men, but we recognise that women and girls are disproportionately affected by particular forms of violence that they experience because they are women and girls. Many men and boys are victims of violence and abuse. We condemn all forms of violence and abuse, whilst recognising that particular forms of violence are disproportionately experienced by one gender and require a strong strategic focus. Men have a critical role in challenging violence, breaking down gender norms and in helping to ensure greater gender equality in society – they are also entitled to support when they experience violence and abuse (Equally Safe, Scottish Government, 2018).

If you are aged 16 or above, we want to hear about your experiences of violence directed towards women and girls. This activity is about helping us to understand your experiences. We have provided prompts for you as they may help you share your story. You can include as much or as little information as you feel comfortable. You do not have to complete every box. 

The anonymised findings from this and other engagement activity we are leading will be used to inform our Violence against Women and Girls Strategy.

Reporting a crime or providing information about an incident

Please note that this platform is not for reporting crime, providing information about an incident, or asking us for help. No information you provide will be added to crime reporting systems and we cannot follow-up on anything you tell us here as it is anonymous.

If you would like to report a crime or to contact the police, please visit our website or call us on 101. If you or someone else needs urgent police assistance, please dial 999 immediately.

Support information

If you feel that you need emotional support, please contact:

Your information

Participating is optional and all information you provide will be completely anonymous. We want to make sure you understand what this means: 

  • Please don't tell us anything that will identify you or someone else in your response. If anyone is named in any response this information will be deleted. 
  • This activity is not for reporting crime or sharing any concerns about your own or someone else's safety. If you'd like to share information with police, please contact us in another way.
  • This platform does not collect any information about you or the device that you are using right now (for example, your 'IP address') so we cannot follow-up with you or answer any questions.

Police Scotland will store all anonymous data securely and in line with the Data Protection Act 2018. Your data rights will not be affected by participation. By clicking the link below, you agree to take part in this activity and give your consent for your responses to be handled by Police Scotland and our partners in the public sector for the purposes outlined.

If you have any questions, please contact the Insight and Engagement team using the contact details on this page.

Take part in a different way

British Sign Language (BSL) translations are integrated throughout all pages of this activity. You can download an easy read version of this activity in the 'Related' section below.

Please let us know if you want to complete this activity in a different way (for example, over the phone, or if you require it in another language to be able to take part):

Ideas for change

We are also running our 'Ideas for change' space. You may wish to explore this activity and add your ideas for the future, or comment on other's ideas, in addition to submitting your story.

British Sign Language (BSL) translation

What happens next

Thank you to everyone who participated in this activity. 

Your feedback and views will be analysed and used to inform the development of our strategy and the decisions we make, internally and with our partners. We are committed to ensuring that we provide the quality service that Scotland's diverse communities expect and deserve. 


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