Violence Against Women and Girls: Your Stories

Closes 16 Oct 2022

Part One: Tell us your story

Thank you for choosing to share your story with us.

You do not have to answer any questions you don't want to and you can provide as little or as much information as you feel comfortable sharing. 

Below are some prompts for you to think about when telling us your story:

  • Think about a time(s) when you have experienced violence or felt uncomfortable in a private, public, online or virtual space. 
  • You might have experienced behaviour that was violent, misogynistic, sexual, controlling, harassment or stalking.
  • Where were you and what happened?

We know that for many people there may be many times you have experienced or witnessed violence. You can choose to tell us about one time or multiple times, it's up to you.

Support Information

If at any point you feel that you need emotional support, please contact:

Information about more support organisations is available here.

In your own words, please describe your answer below.
Did you experience this or witness this?

What do we mean by experiencing or witnessing?

Experience: when something has happened to you directly.

Witness: when you saw or heard something happen to someone else.