Public Counter Opening Hours: Fife Division (BSL version)

Closes 30 Jan 2023

Background information

We want to make sure that you have all the information you need to make an informed response to this consultation.

Read our Public Contact and Engagement Strategy here

The strategy sets out our Case for Change, as well as megatrends and what contact of the future might look like.

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Current provision and proposed changes

The following tables show the current opening hours of our public counters and changes being proposed as part of this consultation process. 

Police stations will continue to be staffed 24/7 by police officers and the below only reflects the times the public counter would be open to the public. 

When the public counter is closed to the public, an intercom system is available 24/7, which links directly to one of our service centres. A member of staff will assist with any queries, including sending a police officer to help you if this is required.

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The key information you should know

  • There has been a change in how the public contact and engage with the police in recent years, reducing demand on public counters. 
  • Changes to most public counter services is minimal, with only Dalgety Bay proposed to close due to limited demand. Others are altering opening and closing times to reflect usage. 
  • Public counter provision has no bearing on policing provision. No police stations are closing and officers will remain visible in their communities.
  • No decisions made at present and consultation is to help gauge public opinion on proposal before any final decision made.