Public Counter Opening Hours: Fife Division (BSL version)

Closed 30 Jan 2023

Opened 1 Nov 2022




The way people contact the police has changed a great deal over the years. People are using our public counters less. More people are now using other ways to contact the police, such as by telephone or online. This is happening in other places too as society changes, and is not unique to Fife or Scotland. 

Changes within our Contact, Command and Control (C3) Division, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic, have seen an increase in remote and online contact options. These options continue to be well used as we return to our lives after the pandemic.

Fife Division has reviewed the opening hours of our public counters, with a view to ensuring these meet your expectations and needs, whilst making best use of our finite resources. As a result, we are now running this public consultation. 

Police Scotland has a Public Contact and Engagement Strategy. It sets out our vision for ensuring the public are able to contact us when they need us. It was created using research with the public and involves best practice approaches for the future. A strategy is important for large complex organisations like Police Scotland; it will influence where we invest our finite resources and shows how we want to change to deliver a better service to the public and communities. The strategy says that Police Scotland aims to 'increase public safety and wellbeing by making it easy and safe to report a crime and other incidents, get information and feedback, enabled by digital services'.

This public consultation will include this public survey, alongside engagement with key partners, elected and community representatives. The aim is to gather a full range of information to inform any decision to implement change to public counter provision in Fife. 

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Reporting a crime or providing information about an incident

Please note that this platform is not for reporting crime, providing information about an incident, or asking us for help. To find out ways to contact the police, please visit our website. If you or someone else needs urgent police assistance, please dial 999 immediately.

Your personal information

Your response is anonymous and you will not be identified through the information you provide unless you choose to identify yourself in your responses.

At the end of the survey, we ask for personal details to ensure we receive a comprehensive range of responses. Please note that you do not have to answer these questions.

By completing this survey, you agree to Police Scotland using your anonymised data for analysis and reporting that will improve the service we provide.

Police Scotland is committed to protecting and respecting your privacy. We have robust procedures in place to ensure that any data that you provide is processed and stored securely. We will never pass your data on to any third parties without your express consent. We also meet the requirements of the Data Protection Act 2018 (General Data Protection Regulation or 'GDPR').

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