Feedback Form: Domestic abuse, rape and sexual crime

Closes 31 Mar 2025

Your data and consent

The feedback form is anonymous. Please do not write anything in your responses that would identify you or anyone else, such as names or addresses. Any information like this will be deleted.

We will use the findings to improve the services we provide. That means we will provide reports to decision makers in Police Scotland. Reports will include statistics or quotes that come from what you tell us. Findings will also be used when providing training or when making changes to our services.

If anything might identify you (such as by mentioning a specific name or place in an answer) we would remove this before using it. We will not pass on any identifiable data about you to any other service or organisation, even within Police Scotland. The Research and Insight team responsible for the management of this data follow robust research best practice and data ethics processes. 

This platform does not collect any personal data about you or the device you are using. This includes your IP address. It means we cannot respond to anything you say and ensures your anonymity. If you need to speak to the police, please use one of the other ways you can contact us to seek advice, guidance or ask for help.

You do not have to provide details of any personal experiences if you do not want to. Almost all questions are optional and you can choose to answer all, some or none of them.

Stay safe: How to clear your browsing history

We know that it might be important to clear your browsing history after you have completed this feedback form and submitted your response. 

More information is available on the Scottish Government's website.

1. I consent to my anonymous feedback being used to improve Police Scotland's services
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