BSL Version: Police Scotland's Use of Body Worn Video - Public Consultation

Closed 31 Aug 2021

Opened 22 Jun 2021




Thank you for taking the time to contribute to this consultation. Your views are important to us. We will be open and transparent in publishing the findings and how feedback has informed decisions and actions.

We are seeking views to help shape the use of Body Worn Video by our police officers, staff and special constables when interacting with the public. The reasons for using Body Worn Video by Police Scotland to record interactions with the public include:

•            improve the quality of interactions with the public;

•            reduce and resolve complaints;

•            increase officer safety;

•            reduce delays to justice; and

•            lead to greater public transparency.

This survey is the second of its kind. The first survey was undertaken in February 2021 to inform the introduction of Body Worn Video for armed police officers. More information, including a summary of the feedback received, can be found on Police Scotland's Engagement Hub.

This survey forms part of a 12-week public consultation to enable a conversation on the national roll-out of Body Worn Video to all operational police officers, staff and special constables in Scotland, as funding will allow.

In addition to this survey, the consultation will involve qualitative engagement (including informed discussions and focus groups) with our stakeholders, partners, and Scotland's diverse communities to understand the views and circumstances of different groups in more depth.

The survey should take no longer than 10 minutes to complete.

Complete the survey in a different way

We are happy to accept a recorded video of your responses to the survey using BSL if that would be easier for you. Please contact us to discuss. 

Please let us know if you want to complete the survey in a different way (for example, over the phone):

Reporting a crime or providing information about an incident

Please note that this platform is not for reporting crime, providing information about an incident, or asking us for help. To find out ways to contact the police, please visit our website. If you or someone else needs urgent police assistance, please dial 999 immediately.

Your personal information 

All personal information will be anonymised and you will not be identified through the information you provide unless you choose to identify yourself in your responses.

Police Scotland is committed to protecting and respecting your privacy. We have robust procedures in place to ensure that any data that you provide is processed and stored securely. We will never pass your data on to any third parties without your express consent. We also meet the requirements of the Data Protection Act 2018 (General Data Protection Regulation or 'GDPR').

Further information

For further relevant information including research evidence and evaluation of Body Worn Video in policing, see the links below.

If you have questions

If you have any questions, please email: 


Why your views matter

It is important to us that we engage and involve individuals, communities, and our partners to gain their confidence in how we use technology and continue to police by consent. Engagement on Body Worn Video is designed to ensure ethical and privacy considerations that are integral to policing and protection are embedded into every aspect of the service.

We understand there are different views and individual circumstances in ensuring Body Worn Video is used in appropriate and supportive ways for the communities we serve.  This consultation aims to gather these views and the level of public support for the national roll-out of Body Worn Video in Scotland.

The consultation findings will be reported to the Independent Advisory Group on Emerging Technologies in Policing for the Cabinet Secretary for Justice, in supporting the ethical and legal considerations of Police Scotland's use of Body Worn Video in operational policing and ensuring this is compatible with human rights, other applicable legislation and best practice. 


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