Trans and Non-binary Experiences 2023

Closed 20 Jun 2023

Opened 3 May 2023


A society where everyone can thrive and flourish flows from Police Scotland’s purpose to improve the lives and wellbeing of our fellow citizens, for the benefit of all.

Discrimination should have no place in society and no place in policing.

Disadvantage and injustice persist and policing has an important role to play as, collectively, we build a country where everyone knows they are safe and secure.

Scottish Trans are conducting this survey. They want to know more about what life is currently like for trans and non-binary people who are over 16 and living in Scotland.

"We're particularly interested in finding out more about your everyday life, and the ways in which being trans or non-binary (as well as other aspects of your identity) may affect it, and how people and services may treat you."

Police Scotland is committed to our values of integrity, fairness, respect and human rights. As part of our Policing Together Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Strategy, the Chief Constable has committed to building an anti-discriminatory Service, with four strategic outcomes which set out our ambition and direction.

Our overarching Joint Strategy for Policing sets out our vision of 'policing for a safe, protected and resilient Scotland' and our responsibility 'to improve the safety and wellbeing of people, places and communities across Scotland'. Five strategic outcomes set out what we want to achieve, including that 'the public, partners and communities are engaged, involved and have confidence in policing'. 

Your experiences are vital as we seek to understand where we are getting things right and how we can enhance our approaches with seldom-heard communities. 

If you would like to take part, please use the link below. 

This survey is being run by Scottish Trans and Police Scotland will have no access to the raw data provided by you in your responses. However, we will use the report on findings produced by Scottish Trans to understand the experiences of trans and non-binary people to help us achieve our strategic outcomes, support colleagues with information and awareness and ensure lived experience is at the heart of our learning. 


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