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7. We would welcome any additional views you have on our strategy and how it will affect you, or any other person.

We would welcome any views you have.
Scottish Grocers Federation (SGF) represents over 5,000 stores, its membership includes all the major symbol groups (such as Nisa, Costcutter, Spar and others), Coop and convenience stores. The independent convenience store sector contributes £532M per annum to the Scottish economy and the sector directly employs over 41,000 people. Convenience stores are uniquely located throughout every community as they trade in urban, suburban and rural communities. Local convenience stores have been shown to have a very high positive impact on the communities they serve1 and tend to be open long hours every day of the week. SGF welcomes the statement that by Police Scotland that their main purpose is to improve the safety and well-being of persons, localities and communities in Scotland, and that the service should work in collaboration in a way in which is accessible to and engaged with local communities. SGF also welcomes the draft consultation’s commitment to delivering a sustainable operating model. SGF’s focus within the document is on Police Scotland’s first key point which is on improving impact by delivering better outcomes for individuals and communities. SGF member’s main concerns are the police services response to shop theft, in-store violence and cyber security. 100% of respondents to the SGF Crime Survey 2016 had been the victims of shop theft in 2015 and 75% experienced shop theft at least once per month. 92% of respondents had incidents of violence and physical abuse in store during 2015. It is widely reported that cyber crime is rising at a rapid rate. Our retail members have expressed concerns that it is difficult to make contact with and obtain support from local community policing teams. The Police Scotland website contains this information but it is very difficult and time consuming to locate. Overall the Police Scotland website would benefit from a major upgrade to make it fit for purpose. SGF notes the proposed changes to the workforce mix within the consultation document relating to the number of police officers and staff who are operational or providing corporate and business support. SGF welcomes the intimated increase in contact and resolution, cyber crime and prevention work and in operational policing but would like to raise concerns about follow-up time allowed for police officers and staff to ensure that they do have time to process information, for example from shop owners CCTV systems after a shop theft. We therefore support the consultation’s proposals to have regular reviews of the mix.

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