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2. Do you agree the main areas of focus proposed within the Policing 2026 strategy are the right ones to deliver an enhanced policing service?

Please tell us why you think these are the right or wrong areas of focus?
Five key areas of focus 1 Protection Based on threat, risk and harm The strategy mentions working with the Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service, but makes no reference to working with Europol and other agencies. The strategy also fails to give enough emphasis to the very real threats imposed by serious and organised crime ( Serious and organised crime impacts upon all members of the community, yet the strategy document makes no reference to working with Europol and other agencies. Specific reference to protecting vulnerable people should be part of policy, but looks out of place in a strategic document. All members of the community can easily become vulnerable from time-to-time and discriminating against those who are not on a vulnerable persons database is not helpful, nor desirable. 2 Prevention Tackling crime, inequality and enduring problems facing communities We approve that Police Scotland will further develop prevention driven approaches with partners to address enduring problems facing communities. Police presence on the Kincardine & Mearns Local Community Planning Group has been very patchy since the switch to Police Scotland and we welcome a strategy that focuses on improving communication with communities. It is not the role of Police Scotland to try to solve the issue of inequalities in the community. It is important to defend equality of opportunity, but Police Scotland does not have a role or responsibility in solving all issues of inequality in society. 3 Communities Focus on localism, diversity and the virtual world The consultation document says that our society will be stronger through a collective responsibility for safety, security and wellbeing. If communities are to take on these responsibilities, then we will need to be given certain rights associated with those responsibilities. Is that something that the Police Service can deliver. There are certainly opportunities for the police to work with communities as presently, there is very little notice taken of concerns raised by the Community Council. We have the impression that you listen to what we say, but that is as far as it goes. Your commitment to listen more and responding is a good thing and should be part of your strategy. However, you also need to feedback information to communities on how well you are performing. 4 Knowledge Informing the development of better services We agree the need to develop and improve the services to meet public needs more effectively and efficiently. 5 Innovation Dynamic, adaptable and sustainable The consultation document suggests a strategy based on investing in radical new ways to use emerging information technology (IT) to improve efficiency. It is clear from the consultation document that Police Scotland has failed to invest in the most basic information technology to provide officers with access to desktop computers. The gains for Police Scotland could be significant, providing the level of investment does not compromise the number of officers available for frontline duties. The increased use of mobile IT to gather information will leave the Police open to attack from organised crime. Sophisticated encryption algorithms will not be enough to prevent theft of data nor denial of service attacks. You will need a strategy to handle these attacks and mitigate their impact.

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7. We would welcome any additional views you have on our strategy and how it will affect you, or any other person.

We would welcome any views you have.
Several residents have commented that, following the transition from Grampian Police to Police Scotland, confidence in the Police Service has fallen. The loss of local accountability and the reduction in the number of Police Officers has led to this loss of confidence in the effectiveness of the Police Service. We hear that recorded crime has fallen, but our view is that much more crime is being committed; it is just not being recorded. An example of this is the two defibrillators stolen from Newtonhill. When asked, the Police had no record of the thefts, even though a Police Officer had spoken to the press about it, after it had been reported. The strategy should also concentrate on improving communications with communities. Police Scotland working in partnership with the public will produce far greater benefits than working alone.

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Newtonhall, Muchalls & Cammachmore Community Council.