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We would welcome any views you have.
On behalf of Livingston Village Community Council I submit this letter with our comments on the above Policing 2026 consultation. We have studied a presentation document which was passed to us by one of our local community police officers. Since we are not expert in the complex multifaceted Policing processes and language we have made simple language comments on topics we understand and in no particular order. We hereby grant approval for you to publish our response as coming from the Chair of Livingston Village Community Council. We also accept that you may wish to contact us again. While the on-line questionnaire covers the main aspects of strategy, focuses and implementation in the first 5 key questions we wish to use our own words to deliver comments on topics that have frequently been raised at our community council meetings since the Police Scotland was created. We accept that it took some time for such a new conglomerate to settle and to try and amalgamate several disparate forces into a single coherent group. So we support that this 2026 strategy is seriously introduced to ensure the ongoing improved performances of the countrywide Police Scotland. We agree and support the overall requirement that the policing processes need upgrading, updating, simplifying and reviewed generally to make future development easier to progress to agreed standards, to meet modern demands and achieve better performances. We agree the strategy does identify and acknowledge the main risks, challenges, demands and opportunities but must be thoroughly tested before implementation that it covers all known but also predictable risks etc and furthermore it must allow for regular reviews throughout the 10 year time span. We agree the 5 listed areas of focus appear to cover the required elements to enhance the services. With regard to implementing the strategy we urge that strong tactics are put in place to improve public contact with particular emphasis on significant improvement to the often decried control centres. These centres must be made capable of rapidly answering all incoming calls within acceptable short times. The Centres must respond and react quickly and correctly to all calls. The centres must acquire good country wide geographical knowledge to enable correct location identification. Public confidence has been at a rather low ebb and still needs to be actively worked on throughout the new strategy to improve performances in many areas and thereby restore confidence as quickly as possible. Policing is a very wide ranging activity with broad demands and amalgamates a multitude of skill requirements. Many are the visible traditional policing the public domain, many are highly technical such as cyber knowledge and fraud accounting, many are of an administrative nature, many require statistical skill, many are of a more menial nature. Thus a complete blend of skills are required. Some need the uniformed staff others do not, some require specific police training others do not. Thus thoroughbred police staff and civilian personal are both required to compliment and assist each other to get the correct blend of all the required knowledge. The range of police activities differs and has grown considerably since 10 years ago so how can we predict what will change or be added in the next 10 years? The range of crimes also differs and has grown and been extended to reflect the new items and patterns in todays’ lifestyle. The range still includes most of the traditional crimes of 10 years ago but who could have predicted then the growth in paedophile and sex crimes, terrorism, International issues such as human trafficking and drug importation, medical matters, youth crime, Impact of social media, cyber crime, commercial crimes. Partnering with other organisations is a feature that may need linked into the strategy for very specific items – especially where it would be more economic to have external – but linked - specialisms rather than in house skill bank. Medical skills perhaps need harnessed for a number of actions - for instance mental health issues. Language skills is another possible partnering matt. For years the police have happily partnered with the Fire and Rescue service – this should continue. The armed forces – particularly the army could be added to partnering arrangements for specific events and incidents. We consider it inappropriate at this stage to combine the Transport Police into Police Scotland until such times as Police Scotland has more fully settled down as a single entity on this new strategy. There has to be elements of innovation and creativity in all forward planning. There are some areas of concern that need prompt and assiduous addressing. One is corruption among personnel within the force. The other is the recently press stated concerns of secrecy within the board of the Scottish Police Authority which is making an issue with transparency and accountablility. The single force must be more open and efficient We realise this letter does not follow or deal with all of the suggested consultation questionnaire, however we submit the above as comments and trust they will get some consideration from those dealing with this consultation. Yours Faithfully Redacted text Chair Livingston Village Community Council

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